Hello everybody

So here you have it. Kari, oh2gqc, has finally gone cyber…

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My new pride and [j|t]oy

Here it is, my new toy, the Icom IC-7300 HF transceiver.

This is a very nice rig indeed. I’m not going to repeat all the feratures it has as many reviews of this baby can be found on the Internet and in ham magazines.

IC-7300 is the same size as IC-730 of yesteryear.

It is amazing how much features can today be crammed into a small package. This is all thanks to advances in digital technologies.
The IC-7300 is actually a dedicated computer but the ‘look and feel’ is just like that of an analog radio.

Way to go, Icom!

Can’t wait until they come out with the new IC-7610 …

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Fitting a round peg into a round hole

How hard can it be?

Well, the reflex-tube’s diameter is larger than it’s hole in the cabinet.


It’ won’t fit, Beavis!

So some filing…


First use file…

…and sandpapering ( is that a word ? ) …


…then apply sandpaper…

…was required for a snug fit.

..and it's done!

…and it’s done!

Next up: Putting it all together.

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Spiders have multiplied!

Today I have been productive. All four filters are now glued and soldered together.

Four filters

Four filters

Each filter was tested as well:

Filter under test

Filter under test

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Ugly spider

The crossover filter now looks much like some gastly mutated spider.

All these wires are required because of the mid- and higrange control switches.

Crossover filter

I really should have designed a prited circuit board for the filter…

Ugly as ig may seem, it does work however.

Here’s a clip taken when testing the filter.

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The Crossover Filter

Here is the first crossover filter assembled on a piece of cardboard with ample amount of hotglue.

Crossover filter

Crossover filter

Initial test of filter usign a 1,5 volt battery as signal source.

Filter under test

Filter under test

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Drilling holes

Picture of drill

Drill setup

Now this is the difficult part. How to drill holes straight and properly centered?
Trying to accompish this with this weird looking rig. ( Handcraft is definetly not where I excel … )

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Building new HiFi speakers

Not too much going on with amateur radio at the moment here @oh2gqc.

Instead, I started to build new HiFi speakers.

These are very compact but nice sounding
speakers – when finished, that is.

Here’s the original article from Hifimaailma magazine ( in Finnish )

Speaker cabinets are made in carpenter’s workshop http://kuviopuu.fi/

Speaker cabinet

Fitting bass/midragnet element.

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